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Cats & Kittens Need Us. Please Donate

Dollar gifts help keep our Adoption Center and Programs running.

SOXrescue is able to help save lives and find forever homes for our beautiful Cats & Kittens through the generous contributions by warm hearted cat lovers like you!

You can help keep our Adoption Center open by giving as little as 0.65 cents a day. That small amount each month gives our little kittens a warm home, a full tummy, and the chance to find their new loving family. You’re probably thinking, “Wow! that’s barely Twenty bucks, how can that make a difference?” But, that small amount has such a gigantic impact in saving lives, especially when the entire community and supporters like yourself come together. It’s caring people like you that made it possible for us to launch our first Adoption Center and expand our adoption programs from Southern to Central and soon Northern California.


Giving to support the kitties is as simple as doing what we call the “Cats over Coffee” challenge. By giving up your Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappachino (or whatever you drink to get going) for one day a week, and donating the cost of that beverage, you’ll save a homeless kitties life. Do you remember all the drinks you’ve bought in the past month? Not just coffee, but soda, energy drinks, etc... This question isn’t meant to add up and tally the cost of the beverages, but to let you think about the impact that purchase had on your life. Chances are that it wasn’t very “impacting” on you, your life, or anyone else. But, taking just Four of those purchases and giving them to the kitties will be more memorable than you can imagine. Your donation can keep our Adoption Center’s doors open, our programs running and growing, and most importantly finding forever homes for abandoned Cats & Kittens. Giving up your Coffee for Cats can save lives as well as make new families or start the story of a new family all together when they bring their furr baby into their home. So what do you say, wanna give up the cost of a drink to save kitties?


Thank you for saving precious kittens and changing lives.

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SOXrescue is a registered 501c3 Nonprofit - All Donations Are Tax Deductible.

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SOXrescue is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit animal welfare organization that is dedicated to saving abandoned cats & kittens from euthanasia and

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